HR-099 THE HELLBUCKERS "Demons" LP/CD 2016 **Novedad**

HR-097 THE BLACK HALOS "Fossil Fuel" (próximamente).

HR-096 THE KRAV MAGA "Arché" CD 2016 **Novedad**

HR-095 THE PHANTOM DRAGSTERS "Surfin' After Death" Single 7" Color Record Store Day 2016 **Novedad**

HR-090 THE LOOPHOLES "On The Spur Of The Moment" LP 2016 **Novedad**

HR-088 V.V.A.A. "5+3=88" CD Sampler 13º Aniversario H-Records (próximamente).

HR-087 SONNY VINCENT & THE SPITE "Silver" Single 7" (próximamente).

HR-086 THE DEFENSE "Fall From Grace" Single 7" 2016.

HR-085 DRIP DRY MEN & THE BEAT REVOLVER "Fuck & Forget" LP (próximamente).

HR-084 SONNY VINCENT "Psycho Serenades" LP / CD 2015.

HR-082 THEE GRAVEMEN / CHARM BAG "Split" Single 7" 2015.

HR-081 PARDO "Let It Stay" CD 2015

HR-080 24 IDEAS "Fragments Of A Broken Faith" LP / LP Color 2016 **Novedad**

HR-079 PHANTOM DRAGSTERS "S/t" LP Color 2015

HR-078 LEADFOOT & FERNANDO SMOGGER "Long Gone With..." 12" Color 2015

HR-077 ASSAC "Suicïdi Social" LP Color 2015 

HR-076 CUCHILLO "Cuchillo" SG 7" Color numerado 500 copias 2015.

HR-075 ANGRY MAMA "Angry Mama" Single 7" Limitado 300 copias 2014.

HR074 SKURKARNA "In The Web Of The Valley" LP Color 2015

HR-073 KING MASTINO / THE ROYAL CREAM "Split" Single 7" 2014.

HR072 FUCK KNIGHTS "Court Date" Single 7" Limitado 300 copias 2014.

HR-071 THE MURRAYS "Downtown Spell" Single 7" Limitado 69 copias 2014.

HR-070 THE HELLBUCKERS "Won't Be Long" Single 7" Color 2014.

HR-069 V.V.A.A. "H-Records 12 Avisersario 2002-2014" CD Sampler 2014.

HR-068 SCREAMIN' DIABLOS "Shadow EP" Single 7" Color 2014

HR-067 THEE BLIND CROWS "Primitive Loud Blues" Vinilo LP 2014 (reedición 2015 en vinilo color).

HR-066 VIOLETS "Violets" Vinilo LP Color 2014. (100 copias vinilo azul, 100 vinilo violets, 100 vinilo rojo).

HR0-65 I'M / DIRTY SANCHEZ "Split" Single 7" Color 100 copias / Negro 400 copias.

HR-064 LLUNATIKS / FURIOUS PEOPLE "Split" Vinilo LP 2015.

HR-063 KING MASTINO "We Refuse To Sink" LP Color 2014.

HR-062 THE OUTSIDE feat. CHRIS MASUAK "In The Class" Single 7" 2013.

HR-061 CHRIS MASUAK & LOS ETERNOS "Another Lost Weekend" Single 7" Color 2013.

HR-060 V.V.A.A. "Surfin' Iberia" Volumen 1 LP Recopilatorio  (proximamente).

HR-055 SAMESUGAS "Ala Vai!!" LP/CD 2006.

HR-054 LAS MEMBRANAS "Aquí Están... Las Membranas" Single 7" 2007.mucd00009g

HR-052 SOUL GESTAPO "The Second Coming Of..." LP/CD 2006.

HR-050 V.V.A.A. "Rock'n'Roll Se Escribe Con H" CD promocional 2006.

HR-048 COYOTE MEN "From Parts Unknown" CD 2005.

HR-045 THE RIPPERS "Raw Evil" Single 7" 2005.

HR-044 LOS CHICOS "Fat Spark!" LP/CD 2005.

HR-042 THEE SUCKIN' DICKS "Think Twice" MLP 10"/CD 2005.


HR-036 THE CHRONICS "Suggested For Mature Audiencies" CD 2005.

HR-033 BEGGAR'S HOUSE "Beggar's House" CD 2004.

HR-032 RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS "Can't Stop The Whoa" Single 7" 2004.mucd00012g

HR-031 THE RIPPERS (Italia) "End Of The Hunt" Single 7" 2004.

HR-030 SAFETY PINS "Better Never Than Late" CD 2004.

HR-029 SOUL GESTAPO "The Rise Of The Soul Gestapo" CD 2004.

HR-028 LASCIVOS "Lascivos" Single 7" Color Verde 2004.

HR-027 PROTOTIPES "Prototipes" Single 7" 2004.

HR-026 THE EGOS "One For Me Ep" Single 7" 2004.

HR-025 THE RIPPERS "Invertebrät" LP 180GR/CD 2004.

HR-024 THE FELCHERS "The God Sound Is... The Felchers" CD 2004.

HR-023 BONZOS "Spit Or Swallow" CD 2004.

HR-022 THE CHARADES "The Only One Ep" Single 7" Color Azul y Color Rosa 2004.

HR-021 BISCUIT "Rocks My Little World" LP 180GR 2004.

HR-020 4 TEEN KILLERS "Kill Your Tv!!" LP Color Violeta/CD 2004.

HR-019 FUMESTONES "Fiver Than Ever" LP Color Amarillo/CD 2004.

HR-018 THEE GIRLFRIENDS "An Invitation To Hate Music Ep" Single 7" Color Violeta 2003.

HR-017 ULTRACUERPOS "Rock'n'Roll Radio" Single 7" 2003.

HR-016 CANCERBEROS "Osrnr" CD 2003.

HR-015 LOS CHICOS "Shakin' & Prayin'" LP/CD 2003.musg00021g

HR-014 THE REAL McCOYSON "Let It Drill" LP/CD 2003.

HR-013 HOLLYWOOD SINNERS / HOLY SHEEP "Split" Single 7" 2003.

HR-012 SMOKING BIRD "Sunset In A New Town" CD 2003.

HR-011 SAMESUGAS "Machine In Your Brain" MLP 10"/CD 2003.

HR-010 SUPERCAMORRISTAS "Hell To The City Ep" Single 7" 2003.

HR-009 TORAZINAS "Poper" Single 7" Color Blanco 2003.


HR-007 DISCIPULOS DE DIONISOS "Como Una Droga!" LP/CD 2003.mucd00021g

HR-006 THE HI-FI KILLERS "Smoking Cult" CD 2003.

HR-005 THEE SUCKIN' DICKS "1977" Single 7" Color Morado y Negro. 2002.

HR-004 BASTARDOS "Throwin' Up" Single 7" Color Naranja 2002.

HR-003 ROCK-A-HULAS "Run, Rock-A-Hula, Run!!" Single 7" Color Amarillo 2002.

HR-002 THE RIPPERS "No Mört" CD 2002.

HR-001 TORAZINAS "Fresas, Coca y Champán" CD 2002.